The Alexian Brothers Hospital Network is comprised of not-for-profit hospitals whose mission is to provide excellence in healthcare and promote lifelong wellness in the communities we serve.

Our Hospitals realize that some patients may need help with their hospital bill.
Recognizing that healthcare expenses can place a burden on patients and their families, we have financial assistance programs for which you may be eligible.

We believe that financial assistance programs do not eliminate a personal financial responsibility. Therefore, we will need your help in applying for state and federal assistance programs such as Medicaid or All Kids. In addition to these programs, our financial counselors can help determine if one of the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network financial assistance programs is appropriate. Our financial counselors can assist with the application process and arrange for payment plans and charity care for patients who meet the qualifications. These programs exclude physicians’ bills. Please contact physicians directly.

It is important for patients to take an active role, inquire early about financial assistance, and follow through diligently.

Any patient seeking financial assistance will be asked to comply with the hospitals’ requirements. The process includes completion of an application, producing necessary supporting financial information and copies of income-related documents, such as your W-2, bank statements and pay stubs.

For additional information on Alexian Brothers Hospital System financial assistance programs, please call Customer Service directly at 866/690-3370

Or – email your questions to

Full application details and an Alexian Assistance application follows.